When we first learn that someone has died by suicide, we can experience a range of emotions. We could be feeling completely lost, shocked and unsure of how and what we are doing and thinking …we could also be in denial…our brains natural way of coping with shock and trauma. We all have our unique way of dealing with the grief…. some find it hard to describe how they are feeling.

We all experience loss and grief in our lives but to be bereaved by suicide has been described as grief ‘with the volume turned up’ … that it tends to intensify our normal responses to loss.

You may not even know what type of support will help, often people believe very little will help them, such is the devastation. The days following the suicide of a loved one can involve liaising with the police, funeral directors, the coroner, and other agencies. This can be a really difficult time as it can feel intrusive and inappropriate. It might be helpful to have practical support and help as this can feel overwhelming.

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