N-SAS…. Northamptonshire Support after Suicide, a first bespoke service piloted by Northamptonshire Health Trust Foundation in 2022. Led by We Mind & Kelly Matters, a charity born from devastation, experts in suicide awareness, intervention and postvention support.

N-SAS is very much focused on the needs of all the people that access the services, so the support will vary from person to person, family to family and across communities. We believe conversation is at the heart of our services, wo when we say client -led, we listen to what you need, and will do our best to help you access the support that helps you.

The service support everyone bereaved by suicide, whenever that may have been, how you were connect, whether that be a family member, a friend, a neighbour, a work colleague. We know the ripples are felt far and wide and understand why it is so important for you to access the right support.

Access is free, the services are free, and we provide a therapeutic support worker to guide your though the support.

Our support ranges from groups work, individual or family counselling, support within school and an optional course to guide you through managing your loss. Please see the pages for detail.

You can self- refer here

Therapeutic support

Group work – SoBS


Family Support

Life after Loss – Course Work