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Northamptonshire Support after Suicide N-SAS.

Commissioned in Jan 2022 by NHFT and MNHC, We Mind & Kelly Matters leads the new service across N-SAS across Northamptonshire. A charity born from devastation. After the loss of Kelly Hewitt who ended her life in 2018 at the young of 24, Kelly’s family and friends started a charity to make a difference. Joined by Sherry Adams in 2021, a combination of lived experience, training and qualifications placed the charity at the forefront of expertise, in suicidal experiences. N-SAS is an NHS funded service, echoing the work undertaken by We Mind & Kelly Matters, offering sustainability and respected partnerships and collaborations built on trust and respect, that when supporting anyone bereaved by suicide, the team behind We Mind & Kelly Matters is a safe place to be.

A charity born from devastation.

NHS funded service,